Resurrecting Faith

By Cynthia M.Jones
The adventure of being alive can be a challenge or a gift. Truly it is all in the perception or belief of your reality that makes all the difference in how you appreciate any aspect of being human.

Over the centuries we have been exposed to many elements that have given us the opportunity to experience so many emotions and store our reactions to them. Our esteemed elders used to pass stories of wisdom onto the young. Yet these days how we hear those messages has become mostly resourced through books and the Internet. Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate knowledge from almost any source, unless I already know it myself, then I become the Teacher. Within our roles in society, challenging this balance of who among us is the student and who is the teacher can cause tension or appreciation in any given moment.

With the emotions attached to a story, the anticipation and passion of the details can sometimes be lost when the expression of the human component of information is left to be consumed alone by an individual. Most people interpret information by sound as well as body language to add more clarity to the words and Intent.

Living from experience is still the highest tool of learning yet it is in the interpretation of that experience that makes it meaningful. If an event has no meaning, the unconscious mind becomes curious to find balance within the data. Plain and simple, the mind is a meaning making component to the overall stored emotions held of an experience.

As a person feels a sense of accomplishment, a feeling of exploration or adventure becomes evident in the desire to do something more regardless of the consequences. As fear is a primordial tool of caution for physical wellbeing, there are still a lot of people who use a portion of this skill out of ignorance to slow down their evolution of growth. And “that” is where the advice from others comes in.

Faith is in the trust that you can do something more without causing harm to self or others. It is the experience of others and their stored emotional reactions to a similar situation that becomes the shared wisdom. Some people share verbally, others write and a lot more just live the example of their life’s’ experience by “being” the experience.

From my perspective, resurrecting faith is but the reality of the realization that faith is stored wisdom being shared with clarity for others. To be of service in so many ways is in just living the best way you can with compassion for yourself and understanding for others.

Religion, sports, politics, military, education, family, business, construction, community, or hobbies are all some examples of an opportunity to express our points of view. Most people have an opinion about something where somebody knows something or of someone that knows of some details about a certain topic.

Most of us have had to sit politely while somebody has gone on and on about a topic of passion. Be it a parent, minister, politician, teacher or friend, the reality is that as humans we share so much of ourselves that most people take certain wisdom for granted and lose the value of the gifted guidance offered.

Faith that is preached or shared from others is the encouragement that from their experiences, you too, can achieve a sense of common accomplishment. Having a shared an experience then becomes something in common and with enough people in common, that becomes community and from common-unity that may develop into a legion or alliance within the framework of a common experience or value system. So from my understanding then re-legion or religion is but a reminder to any shared portion of wisdom that makes sense to a person to realign to a path that may or may not still hold a certain value when once it was just two ideas held in common regardless of what the concept is.

To finalize my point, I feel that resurrecting faith is the internalized reminder of awareness that life is full of opportunities of experience. It is with faith that we are meant to trust our own ability to experience our own emotions, beliefs and values through the physical aspect of living and to appreciate a creative variety of personal well-being.