Psychosomatic Therapy

The Art of Reading Faces

The face is an autobiography of life. It is exciting beyond words to look into a person’s face with complete understanding and recognize their Soul and personality for who they truly are. This unique experience will keep you a step ahead in your understanding of others in relationships, business or just getting to know yourself.

You will understand how:

  • Structure indicates potential for performance.
  • Each individual feature or part speaks a unique language of its own.
  • The cheeks, cheekbones, lips, and jaw all express who you really are.
  • The eyes are a point of view while the nose ‘knows’ your personality.
  • The forehead indicates your frame of mind through which you perceive the world.

Body Mind Analysis

Create radical change in your life by taking responsibility through awareness of ‘the shape you are in’. This workshop is a therapy itself, designed to release tensions and create in-depth healing in mental, emotional, and physical states.

Here is just a portion of what you will learn:

  • To release cellular memory and redundant habits.
  • How breathing patterns release stress and cellular memory.
  • Posture and body language determine your attitude in life.
  • To balance the male-female energy and left/right brain responses.
  • The flow of energy through the body’s major centres determines your health and fitness.

The Language of the Hands

The sense of touch is the finest form of emotional and mental expression and experience of love. The healing power of your hands and delicate instrumentation of the fingers give life dimension and shape.

You will discover the deeper meaning of touch:

  • By listening and feeling inside whatever you touch outside.
  • The great character and potential lies ‘on the tips of your fingers’.
  • That your hands are the most sensory communicators you have.
  • By understanding each digit of each finger and its part in the expression of your life.

Emotional Anatomy

Service 1 – 3 are pre-requisites for service 4 and 5

Anatomical structure is the blueprint that supports the expression of our experiences of life. The internal pulsation of life that maintains this structure and the organs is eventually expressed outside as psychosomatic attitudes and behaviour that grow into belief systems. These are rationalized as emotional and mental states. Our internal relationships then determine our performance, self-image, and our interaction with others and the issues of life itself.

You will discover:

  • How structure creates psychological function.
  • How interaction and relationships are effected by habitual behaviour.
  • Somatic education and clinical direction, enabling you to release the past.
  • The practical experience of ‘Emotional Release Points’ on the physical body.

Psychosomatic Practitioner Certificate III

Experience the combination of Psychotherapy and Quantum Physics, and learn how the Neuro Linguistic programming of old core belief patterns can be released and replaced by balance, posture, and muscle toning.

The Certification requirements include:

  • A practical analysis and report of your client.
  • Fine tuning of your work to recognize subtle messages.
  • Observe your client’s total history, as it stands before you.
  • Recommend appropriate treatment and practices for change.
  • Experience the profound changes that occur during and after the session and the subtle release of past conditioning from the unconscious.