Private Practice

My office fee as a LIFESTYLE CONSULTANT is an Intro-price of $100 for approx. 2 hour time. During this time we will cover a lot including a Client History and Personal Health Assessment, issues of your interest, energy work &/or body work, and recommendations of positive recourse. This appointment is all about you and you understanding your-self more clearly.

It is my intention to provide evidence of positive qualities and stagnant issues expressed in your flesh and body structure. With a simple shift in attitude, I encourage awareness of how you can energetically make a difference in your body’s’ overall health condition and maintain a sense of wellbeing.

Follow up appointments, if required

  • $60 per hour with combination therapies on specific issues

In these appointments, it has been my experience that one session goes a long way and follow up appointments tend to be when a client is ready for more personal growth and awareness. Personal family and relationship consultations are also welcomed.

At this time I take Cash and Cheques for services provided.

Workshops are based on public interest and my availability. Please watch my website calendar as to when, where, topic, duration and price. Every event is one of a kind!!!

Face Reading can be experienced at; Wellness Expos, special events, trade shows, workshops and in private sessions as a thumbnail overview of how the Body Mind relationship influences a persons’ personality and quality of life.

To attend the Psychosomatic Therapy and Body Mind Classes listed on my website, the prices are set by the Australasian Institute at $325+ taxes per day approx 12 hour class. I teach the 10 day program as a complete accelerated learning system.The academic material is provided which become a reference book of integrated knowledge. The therapeutic growth is absolutely personal. These classes are held when a certain number of students are interested here in Winnipeg as well as in other locations.

I have:

  • Diploma of Teaching Psychosomatic Therapy and Body Mind Analysis
  • Member of Psychosomatic Board
  • Certificate in NLP  Understanding the Unconscious Mind
  • Usui Reiki Master, Light worker,  Reiki Master in extensive modalities
  •  Psychosomatic Numerology Practitioner/Therapist
  • Metaphysics and Esoteric Science education
  • Certificate in Corporate Training
  • Numerous years experience in public relations and volunteerism
  • advertising in The Aquarian Newspaper, various Internet links, brochures, trade shows and word of mouth