Making Sense of Love

By Cynthia M.Jones
Does alternate wellness includes the awareness of the value of Love?

Is love the physical drive to feel the rush of endorphins as we embrace someone we love? What about emotions of love or the fantasy of romantic thoughts?

Love is a word that has been dissected thousands of ways and expressed in as many. Love is a desire the body internalizes as real as breathing. Without desire what is the point of living? So then what does love have to do with anything?

In any given moment, the reality of being alive is magnified as we explore the surroundings we are exposed to. Picture yourself in a favorite location. What do you smell? What can you taste? What do you see? What can you feel? What sounds do you hear? It is through each of these sensory receptors that bring the reality of what you are exposed to an internal response. Simply reacting through the law of cause and effect will now cause you to evaluate the situation depending on your values and beliefs.

For what one person perceives as a pleasure may be experienced as terror from another. It is the space between these two extremes that we find love. What a wild concept of what one person may truly find exciting to the point of obsession could be described as love.

Love is a feeling. Love is the awareness of that feeling flowing and rushing throughout the body creating a chemical rush that stimulates and excites the nerve endings in your body. So what is love then but the body’s addiction to the stimuli that has caused such a stir. Whatever the cause, the body is alive and when stimulated in a way that brings more awareness to the senses, it will crave more and seek or create more situations to satisfy those feelings.

So, in love, it is a personal response to loving the action and reaction the body is having in any given experience. Examples; to hear the laughter of a child especially if you know you were the one to create such a response, maybe to see a smile of a good friend or it could be the embrace of a sincere hug or maybe a taste of success over a perceived fear to name a few. You choose your memory.

It really is that simple to define love as you understand that love is the emotion of satisfied nerve endings within your body experiencing a moment of craved stimuli. If there is a negative reaction to a feeling through any of the five sensory receptors of smell, taste, sight, touch or sound, then the body repels those experiences and may even create physical barriers of protection via the mind as an attitude or as protective body tissue.

As a therapist in Lifestyle Consultation and Psychosomatic Therapy, it is part of my job to enlighten people to become aware of “self love”. Love yourself first as the person you are and then that ripple effect can be experienced by others.

Love is contagious and is meant to be experienced worldwide.