Layers of Life

By Cynthia M.Jones
From the moment of conception, a human being begins to develop multilayer of matter and consciousness that will remain or evolve throughout their lifetime.

What a wild concept of experiencing each of these layers as the wonderment of existence. How we are meant to experience being human is plain and simple. It is the ability to respond through choice and free will.

Within the confines of biology, the human body is obviously comprised of layers; bone mass as structure, flesh mass as its sheath, then including the gutsy stuff such as the mind, organs, muscles, fluids and nerves as the working components.

So What! What is the meaning of these “Layers of Life”? Just because we are alive, people tend to think “This is all there is”. We grow up, get a job, include a family and friends and then we die. Not so fast… there is a whole lot more!

From the innocence of birth, we are predisposed to live in a certain environment. From there we are encouraged and groomed through direction and purpose of others to grow. We also include nutrition and economical status to play a role. And even at a young age mental and emotional activity and its responses soon develop. With the almighty question of ‘now what’, questioning the reason for being alive then can become a goal for purpose and direction as we develop into maturity.

The meaning of Life is to experience life fully with its creativity and limitations within the specific human form that has become you. The fun is from your unconscious mind which is always ready to upload the reactions of your experiences and is excited to make meanings out of any contribution to its storage compartment within your mind. It is through thought or the conscious mind that we tend to get all confused and challenge the memories of our perceived reality. So then what is reality but the potential for more experiences to add to our layers of existing life?

The moment of “NOW”, right now, is not the past. The past is already stored in the mind through a process which has measured all the variables, having compared the NOW moment to your past beliefs and values which were from the prior Layers of your Life. In anticipation, the future moment of NOW can be contaminated by preconceived thoughts and emotions based on stored data as past experiences made real again in the moment of NOW.

So with choice and the awareness of how your layers of data have been stored, the human body can be read from its’ experiences because the Layers of Life are expressed in the body form.

The mind holds the details and the body tends to hold the evidence of how the details are processed.

The “Layers of Life” are the expression of who you really are. Though a person may look and feel reasonably healthy, they still project an attitude of how their cross- referencing of all their layers work for them. Discomfort and disease is but one component of an overall situation that medically and psychosomatically can be addressed. Through various trained or intuitive people, the language of your body can be interpreted as a certain lifestyle.

A choice to understand your Self is a gift that can benefit the quality of your life.

As a Lifestyle Consultant, Therapist and Teacher of the amazing subject of The Magic of Body Mind Communication and Psychosomatic Therapy, I embrace the journey of enlightenment through the exposure of the truth of our mortality and how we live our Layers of Life.