Knowledge vs. Wisdom

By Cynthia M.Jones
As I live and learn I recognize that I am an evolving product of my environment.

When looking at a person’s body in a Body Analysis, the starting point is established with the foundation of the bone structure. This solid mass is the blueprint of the skeleton as the “scale-of-intent” for a life of focus, balance and structure while being human. From this bone structure, it is the fleshing out that becomes the personality of the person-in-reality.

It is amazing what can be discovered just looking at a person and to understand them so clearly and yet even more so when you look deeply into their eyes.

Within our DNA, there are receptors waiting to be triggered for an opportunity to be experienced from a new perspective. The DNA passed through our parents, previous generations as well as the unique spirited contribution from an infinite energetic source, is the animated soul living within us. Life lessons can linger or be recreated repeatedly until the awareness and balance of a lesson is satisfied according to the original blueprint of your soul’s purpose.

Evolution then, is the recognition of when a person can find balance in their life both rationally and emotionally to follow through on a thought, desire or an action.

Knowledge is the knowing of faith, trust or intuition as it guides us to follow through on an opportunity regardless of the results. Having knowledge is the awareness of possibility; wisdom is the acquired sureness of certain reality of a personal experience. Fear is a limiting belief that the mind re-creates in images and held emotions of past experiences. Wisdom is the application of knowledge as it motivates or limits a person’s ability to pursue life’s’ successes or overcoming struggles.

As a powerful tool for human existence, emotion is the energy in motion flowing within our body that motivates the nerves and moves muscles. With the Chakra system as the electromagnetic measuring gauge of this moving energy, these emotions can be calibrated to the specific amount of learning a person is capable of responding to and acting upon. If there is too much unresolved action or reaction to a certain emotional trigger, the body will provide physical evidence such as excess fatty tissue in weight, muscle tension along with an attitude held in body posture and a lack of quality breathing capacity.

Body weight is held emotions of an experience waiting to be released through the natural flow of the lymphatic system. When a person acknowledges the wisdom of a lesson, the realization that a perception or belief that once was limiting is now gone. As the accepted knowledge of an experience blends with the prompters within us, this applied experience becomes weightless wisdom held in the body and the details stored in the mind. Without the limitations of held emotions, a person can live with a clearer perspective and act or react accordingly when similar situations arise.

A person-in-reality has the awareness that knowledge is the potential to experience the unknown and embody it as wisdom for the soul.

As a Therapist of Psychosomatic Therapy and Body Analysis and a Life Style Consultant, it is my desire to offer my heartfelt skill and talent to assist people to recognize their life as a journey of self growth.