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By Cynthia M.Jones
Breathe, Stretch and Circulation Please consult your Doctor before doing any exercise activities.

Here are few methods of improving your overall well being. The option to do one or more of these exercises depends on your general level of health.

Please start slowly and with moderation as your body becomes accustom to the changes you are introducing to it. Building up repetitions and endurance is a progressive process that your body needs time to adapt to.

Stretches, pauses and poses are to be held to the point of feeling some resistance, NEVER to the point of pain. Please, no bouncing, holding your breath or over stretching. Only hold stretch tensions that feel good.

Listen to your body and pay attention to the subtle strains you become aware of.

This is your body is communicating with you. This is the point you bring focused breath into. You are actually encouraging the release of stored tension in this action.

Benefits: reduces muscle tension, improves circulation; reduces anxiety, stress and fatigue, improves mental alertness, tunes your mind into listening to your body and encourages you to feel better.

Give yourself at least 2-3 weeks to notice the subtle changes that will happen.

Proper circulatory function is one key to health and longevity. It is through the cardiovascular system within our body that the bloodstream transports oxygen, carrying away waste and defends our body against toxins and disease. These gentle activities are encouraged to promote the influx of fresh life force energy into your body. The full potential of breath is achieved through the slow, deep inhale filling the lungs fully into the shoulders, to pause and then release pausing again before the next inhale. This slow steady form of breathing allows the body time to ingrate and release oxygen with purpose.

Breathing Exercise: Standing tall, pelvis relaxed, feet slightly apart, knees slightly bent, with rope or belt in hands, raise arms above head to form a ‘V’.

The intent of this activity is promote long, even, deep breaths as you inhale when you raise your body upright and exhales on the downward movements. Keeping your arms straight with elbows slightly bent, the idea is to keep your arms even with your ears as your move side to side. Gently follow these instructions with mindfulness of how your body is responding to these movements. It is beneficial to focus your thought on your breath as you do this exercise as well as keeping your movements as evenly paced as possible. When you have developed a certain amount of control of this process, expand on pausing your breath for a second or two at the end of each movement before reversing the direction.

The bending and breathing encourages the body to gently massage the internal organs and open the energy meridians. The energy of the lower body is pumping to integrate with the descending energy of the upper body to create a more evenly balanced body harmony.

You could also do this exercise from bending forwards back to upright, inhaling on the upward movement and exhaling as you go down. Remember to keep your knees slightly bent and to be aware of when your body has had enough. A few of these exercises spaced over the day is more beneficial that a lot at one time. A cleansing relaxed breath will always encourage a certain level of calmness.

Please take the time to enjoy this feeling of personal awareness.