Can You Hear Me Now

By Cynthia M.Jones
How often do you think or feel you are misunderstood and that your words fall on deaf ears? Do you feel that your most profound statements have been wasted with people who don’t pay attention to your words or body language?

Regardless of who says what, the person who benefits the most in life is the person who listens for the deeper message and embodies it. Truly it is through our interactions with people that we find balance in our beliefs concerning our Self, our environment and our lifestyle.

Can you hear me now is about listening to the finer communication of how our body talks to our mind. Thinking and feeling, acting and reacting, positive and negative are some tools that the human body uses to understand its communication with itself and others.

How many people are living with the belief of “mind over matter”? In fact, the mind is a very powerful tool that guides some amazing tasks within our body. When some actions are physically too much for the body, the nerves communicate back to the brain to stop. It is with emotion that the response will influence whether we stop or not. With reasoning, our mind will evaluate the desired outcome and proceed. As an example, if certain organs, muscles, nerves or ligaments continue to be over burdened and the messages are ignored, it is with self preservation; human nature will protect itself from the minds’ ignorance and create protective barriers.

With awareness of the Body Mind relationship a healthy balanced lifestyle can be achieved. As you choose to listen carefully to responses received, an additional sense of clarity to this working inner relationship of yourself can be seen in body structure and personal attitude. Old limitations and beliefs can be shed simply by this awareness.

The ability to express ourselves and receive external information is funneled through a specific nervous system called Chakras. There are seven main chakra sites located along the spinal cord all independently interrelated to do very specific jobs. When a person acts or reacts to certain situations, the electrical components of the nervous system will respond accordingly. As humans, we have free will and free choice to allow certain aspects of communication to affect our lifestyle. Yet with that choice, the law of cause and effect will follow. Evidence of habitual choices will show in the physically of the body and can be interpreted by understanding people as a visual expression of their personality.

Can you hear me now again is the body’s reaction to the mind’s choice. What have you agreed to experience and more importantly are you willing to repeat those same experiences over and over again without learning the lesson. The awareness of listening to the finer network of a body mind can reveal inner wisdom held in bone structure and the attained knowledge held in personality.

Listening to the Body Mind and appreciating the Spirit of the soul, together can bring about a relationship to our Selves beyond our wildest dreams.