Bridging the Gap

By Cynthia M.Jones
Times are changing and our medical system is over-burdened with health issues that seem to leave both the patient and the health practitioner somewhat frustrated and confused. It is time for us to be more self-aware, self-reliant and more responsible for our own health and well-being

The reasons for our overall physical, emotional and mental conditions are becoming more available and accepted through the Natural Therapies Industry. I would like to share this opportunity to enlighten you about Psychosomatic Therapy Lifestyle Consultation.

Psychosomatic is a big word with an age old stigma attached to it. In days past, the word “Psycho” was perceived to be that you were crazy and that your problems were all in your head. ‘Psycho’, has the root word meaning ‘mind’ and ‘Soma’, meaning is ‘body’. Psychosomatic is the relationship of awareness that blends what our mind believes as a condition of our body and the reaction our body has to that belief. Science based information teaches us how both our mind and our body are co-dependent on each other for the human body’s overall condition and survival.

Emotions are energy in motion. The path the energy follows within the human body is embodied through the nerve network and held in muscle mass. Simply put, “What the mind deals, the body feels”. Ultimately the body reveals how our emotions exist within our body and the conditions of that environment. Body aches, discomfort and diseases are ways the unconscious mind uses the body’s nerves to bring awareness back to the conscious mind.

I teach classes on Psychosomatic Therapy and Body/Mind Analysis as an introduction towards self growth and personal wellness. Please check my website for more details, location and dates.

The awareness of your body/mind relationship is the greatest gift you can give yourself in mastering your own life creating not only peace within yourself but influencing the world you live in.