Neuro Linguistic Programming

By Cynthia M.Jones
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), by definition, “is how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.”

From my perception, one of the most important reasons of NLP is the potential to be able to understand the mechanics of the unconscious mind. Neuro refers to the neurological processes within the mind through the experiences of being alive. The human body has five senses including sight, hearing, smell, taste and the energetic sensation of touch and feelings. Through a series of physical and communicated, linguistic expressions, these senses, which are powerful receptors, each receives and expresses the inner workings of the deepest core of the mind. How the mind interrupts these reactions and expressions, is all part of what makes each human unique. What one person perceives in meaning as a positive situation can be experienced by another person as a negative. It is the energetic programming of the individual self to create the accepted and rejected blueprint what will govern the actions of the body/mind to perpetuate a desirable and realistic existence.

In a therapeutic capacity, NLP is a wonderful gift of wonder that accesses the intangible resources of the energetic charge within the human body. The recognized, science based information creates a means of discovery as to what experiences the mind has claimed as its own. It is an external reaction to an internal experience and by integrating both, a deeper insight to the true self can be expressed and understood. The use of NLP can enhance, empower and liberate the confines of limiting beliefs and create a comprehensive method of rationalizing the complexity of the mind.

Home Work Options

By Cynthia M.Jones
Breathe, Stretch and Circulation Please consult your Doctor before doing any exercise activities.

Here are few methods of improving your overall well being. The option to do one or more of these exercises depends on your general level of health.

Please start slowly and with moderation as your body becomes accustom to the changes you are introducing to it. Building up repetitions and endurance is a progressive process that your body needs time to adapt to.

Stretches, pauses and poses are to be held to the point of feeling some resistance, NEVER to the point of pain. Please, no bouncing, holding your breath or over stretching. Only hold stretch tensions that feel good.

Listen to your body and pay attention to the subtle strains you become aware of.

This is your body is communicating with you. This is the point you bring focused breath into. You are actually encouraging the release of stored tension in this action.

Benefits: reduces muscle tension, improves circulation; reduces anxiety, stress and fatigue, improves mental alertness, tunes your mind into listening to your body and encourages you to feel better.

Give yourself at least 2-3 weeks to notice the subtle changes that will happen.

Proper circulatory function is one key to health and longevity. It is through the cardiovascular system within our body that the bloodstream transports oxygen, carrying away waste and defends our body against toxins and disease. These gentle activities are encouraged to promote the influx of fresh life force energy into your body. The full potential of breath is achieved through the slow, deep inhale filling the lungs fully into the shoulders, to pause and then release pausing again before the next inhale. This slow steady form of breathing allows the body time to ingrate and release oxygen with purpose.

Breathing Exercise: Standing tall, pelvis relaxed, feet slightly apart, knees slightly bent, with rope or belt in hands, raise arms above head to form a ‘V’.

The intent of this activity is promote long, even, deep breaths as you inhale when you raise your body upright and exhales on the downward movements. Keeping your arms straight with elbows slightly bent, the idea is to keep your arms even with your ears as your move side to side. Gently follow these instructions with mindfulness of how your body is responding to these movements. It is beneficial to focus your thought on your breath as you do this exercise as well as keeping your movements as evenly paced as possible. When you have developed a certain amount of control of this process, expand on pausing your breath for a second or two at the end of each movement before reversing the direction.

The bending and breathing encourages the body to gently massage the internal organs and open the energy meridians. The energy of the lower body is pumping to integrate with the descending energy of the upper body to create a more evenly balanced body harmony.

You could also do this exercise from bending forwards back to upright, inhaling on the upward movement and exhaling as you go down. Remember to keep your knees slightly bent and to be aware of when your body has had enough. A few of these exercises spaced over the day is more beneficial that a lot at one time. A cleansing relaxed breath will always encourage a certain level of calmness.

Please take the time to enjoy this feeling of personal awareness.

Resurrecting Faith

By Cynthia M.Jones
The adventure of being alive can be a challenge or a gift. Truly it is all in the perception or belief of your reality that makes all the difference in how you appreciate any aspect of being human.

Over the centuries we have been exposed to many elements that have given us the opportunity to experience so many emotions and store our reactions to them. Our esteemed elders used to pass stories of wisdom onto the young. Yet these days how we hear those messages has become mostly resourced through books and the Internet. Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate knowledge from almost any source, unless I already know it myself, then I become the Teacher. Within our roles in society, challenging this balance of who among us is the student and who is the teacher can cause tension or appreciation in any given moment.

With the emotions attached to a story, the anticipation and passion of the details can sometimes be lost when the expression of the human component of information is left to be consumed alone by an individual. Most people interpret information by sound as well as body language to add more clarity to the words and Intent.

Living from experience is still the highest tool of learning yet it is in the interpretation of that experience that makes it meaningful. If an event has no meaning, the unconscious mind becomes curious to find balance within the data. Plain and simple, the mind is a meaning making component to the overall stored emotions held of an experience.

As a person feels a sense of accomplishment, a feeling of exploration or adventure becomes evident in the desire to do something more regardless of the consequences. As fear is a primordial tool of caution for physical wellbeing, there are still a lot of people who use a portion of this skill out of ignorance to slow down their evolution of growth. And “that” is where the advice from others comes in.

Faith is in the trust that you can do something more without causing harm to self or others. It is the experience of others and their stored emotional reactions to a similar situation that becomes the shared wisdom. Some people share verbally, others write and a lot more just live the example of their life’s’ experience by “being” the experience.

From my perspective, resurrecting faith is but the reality of the realization that faith is stored wisdom being shared with clarity for others. To be of service in so many ways is in just living the best way you can with compassion for yourself and understanding for others.

Religion, sports, politics, military, education, family, business, construction, community, or hobbies are all some examples of an opportunity to express our points of view. Most people have an opinion about something where somebody knows something or of someone that knows of some details about a certain topic.

Most of us have had to sit politely while somebody has gone on and on about a topic of passion. Be it a parent, minister, politician, teacher or friend, the reality is that as humans we share so much of ourselves that most people take certain wisdom for granted and lose the value of the gifted guidance offered.

Faith that is preached or shared from others is the encouragement that from their experiences, you too, can achieve a sense of common accomplishment. Having a shared an experience then becomes something in common and with enough people in common, that becomes community and from common-unity that may develop into a legion or alliance within the framework of a common experience or value system. So from my understanding then re-legion or religion is but a reminder to any shared portion of wisdom that makes sense to a person to realign to a path that may or may not still hold a certain value when once it was just two ideas held in common regardless of what the concept is.

To finalize my point, I feel that resurrecting faith is the internalized reminder of awareness that life is full of opportunities of experience. It is with faith that we are meant to trust our own ability to experience our own emotions, beliefs and values through the physical aspect of living and to appreciate a creative variety of personal well-being.

Knowledge vs. Wisdom

By Cynthia M.Jones
As I live and learn I recognize that I am an evolving product of my environment.

When looking at a person’s body in a Body Analysis, the starting point is established with the foundation of the bone structure. This solid mass is the blueprint of the skeleton as the “scale-of-intent” for a life of focus, balance and structure while being human. From this bone structure, it is the fleshing out that becomes the personality of the person-in-reality.

It is amazing what can be discovered just looking at a person and to understand them so clearly and yet even more so when you look deeply into their eyes.

Within our DNA, there are receptors waiting to be triggered for an opportunity to be experienced from a new perspective. The DNA passed through our parents, previous generations as well as the unique spirited contribution from an infinite energetic source, is the animated soul living within us. Life lessons can linger or be recreated repeatedly until the awareness and balance of a lesson is satisfied according to the original blueprint of your soul’s purpose.

Evolution then, is the recognition of when a person can find balance in their life both rationally and emotionally to follow through on a thought, desire or an action.

Knowledge is the knowing of faith, trust or intuition as it guides us to follow through on an opportunity regardless of the results. Having knowledge is the awareness of possibility; wisdom is the acquired sureness of certain reality of a personal experience. Fear is a limiting belief that the mind re-creates in images and held emotions of past experiences. Wisdom is the application of knowledge as it motivates or limits a person’s ability to pursue life’s’ successes or overcoming struggles.

As a powerful tool for human existence, emotion is the energy in motion flowing within our body that motivates the nerves and moves muscles. With the Chakra system as the electromagnetic measuring gauge of this moving energy, these emotions can be calibrated to the specific amount of learning a person is capable of responding to and acting upon. If there is too much unresolved action or reaction to a certain emotional trigger, the body will provide physical evidence such as excess fatty tissue in weight, muscle tension along with an attitude held in body posture and a lack of quality breathing capacity.

Body weight is held emotions of an experience waiting to be released through the natural flow of the lymphatic system. When a person acknowledges the wisdom of a lesson, the realization that a perception or belief that once was limiting is now gone. As the accepted knowledge of an experience blends with the prompters within us, this applied experience becomes weightless wisdom held in the body and the details stored in the mind. Without the limitations of held emotions, a person can live with a clearer perspective and act or react accordingly when similar situations arise.

A person-in-reality has the awareness that knowledge is the potential to experience the unknown and embody it as wisdom for the soul.

As a Therapist of Psychosomatic Therapy and Body Analysis and a Life Style Consultant, it is my desire to offer my heartfelt skill and talent to assist people to recognize their life as a journey of self growth.

Layers of Life

By Cynthia M.Jones
From the moment of conception, a human being begins to develop multilayer of matter and consciousness that will remain or evolve throughout their lifetime.

What a wild concept of experiencing each of these layers as the wonderment of existence. How we are meant to experience being human is plain and simple. It is the ability to respond through choice and free will.

Within the confines of biology, the human body is obviously comprised of layers; bone mass as structure, flesh mass as its sheath, then including the gutsy stuff such as the mind, organs, muscles, fluids and nerves as the working components.

So What! What is the meaning of these “Layers of Life”? Just because we are alive, people tend to think “This is all there is”. We grow up, get a job, include a family and friends and then we die. Not so fast… there is a whole lot more!

From the innocence of birth, we are predisposed to live in a certain environment. From there we are encouraged and groomed through direction and purpose of others to grow. We also include nutrition and economical status to play a role. And even at a young age mental and emotional activity and its responses soon develop. With the almighty question of ‘now what’, questioning the reason for being alive then can become a goal for purpose and direction as we develop into maturity.

The meaning of Life is to experience life fully with its creativity and limitations within the specific human form that has become you. The fun is from your unconscious mind which is always ready to upload the reactions of your experiences and is excited to make meanings out of any contribution to its storage compartment within your mind. It is through thought or the conscious mind that we tend to get all confused and challenge the memories of our perceived reality. So then what is reality but the potential for more experiences to add to our layers of existing life?

The moment of “NOW”, right now, is not the past. The past is already stored in the mind through a process which has measured all the variables, having compared the NOW moment to your past beliefs and values which were from the prior Layers of your Life. In anticipation, the future moment of NOW can be contaminated by preconceived thoughts and emotions based on stored data as past experiences made real again in the moment of NOW.

So with choice and the awareness of how your layers of data have been stored, the human body can be read from its’ experiences because the Layers of Life are expressed in the body form.

The mind holds the details and the body tends to hold the evidence of how the details are processed.

The “Layers of Life” are the expression of who you really are. Though a person may look and feel reasonably healthy, they still project an attitude of how their cross- referencing of all their layers work for them. Discomfort and disease is but one component of an overall situation that medically and psychosomatically can be addressed. Through various trained or intuitive people, the language of your body can be interpreted as a certain lifestyle.

A choice to understand your Self is a gift that can benefit the quality of your life.

As a Lifestyle Consultant, Therapist and Teacher of the amazing subject of The Magic of Body Mind Communication and Psychosomatic Therapy, I embrace the journey of enlightenment through the exposure of the truth of our mortality and how we live our Layers of Life.

Making Sense of Love

By Cynthia M.Jones
Does alternate wellness includes the awareness of the value of Love?

Is love the physical drive to feel the rush of endorphins as we embrace someone we love? What about emotions of love or the fantasy of romantic thoughts?

Love is a word that has been dissected thousands of ways and expressed in as many. Love is a desire the body internalizes as real as breathing. Without desire what is the point of living? So then what does love have to do with anything?

In any given moment, the reality of being alive is magnified as we explore the surroundings we are exposed to. Picture yourself in a favorite location. What do you smell? What can you taste? What do you see? What can you feel? What sounds do you hear? It is through each of these sensory receptors that bring the reality of what you are exposed to an internal response. Simply reacting through the law of cause and effect will now cause you to evaluate the situation depending on your values and beliefs.

For what one person perceives as a pleasure may be experienced as terror from another. It is the space between these two extremes that we find love. What a wild concept of what one person may truly find exciting to the point of obsession could be described as love.

Love is a feeling. Love is the awareness of that feeling flowing and rushing throughout the body creating a chemical rush that stimulates and excites the nerve endings in your body. So what is love then but the body’s addiction to the stimuli that has caused such a stir. Whatever the cause, the body is alive and when stimulated in a way that brings more awareness to the senses, it will crave more and seek or create more situations to satisfy those feelings.

So, in love, it is a personal response to loving the action and reaction the body is having in any given experience. Examples; to hear the laughter of a child especially if you know you were the one to create such a response, maybe to see a smile of a good friend or it could be the embrace of a sincere hug or maybe a taste of success over a perceived fear to name a few. You choose your memory.

It really is that simple to define love as you understand that love is the emotion of satisfied nerve endings within your body experiencing a moment of craved stimuli. If there is a negative reaction to a feeling through any of the five sensory receptors of smell, taste, sight, touch or sound, then the body repels those experiences and may even create physical barriers of protection via the mind as an attitude or as protective body tissue.

As a therapist in Lifestyle Consultation and Psychosomatic Therapy, it is part of my job to enlighten people to become aware of “self love”. Love yourself first as the person you are and then that ripple effect can be experienced by others.

Love is contagious and is meant to be experienced worldwide.

Alternative Living

By Cynthia M.Jones
Alternative health…what does this statement mean to you?

Within the world, there are so many different methods of creating a path that will most likely make an alternative difference in the quality your life. The bottom line is your choice. Who really wants to do all the work of exercise and balanced eating? Truly, it is time consuming and if you could have the answer for a better life by just taking a pill, most people would jump at the chance.

Dream on… pills and vitamins work on the biological tissue of your body. Yes, if you feel that a pill can change your attitude or perception of a real medical situation then yes go ahead take them, just realize that the negative issue that caused the discomfort in the first place are most likely still trapped within the emotional flesh of your body. The negative pain of unresolved feelings is rooted in the neurological nerves established in the moment of an experience. Simply put, positive feelings go with the flow whereas an attachment to negative feelings require some form of resolution based on past experiences, beliefs and values before the energy held can move on.

So how many times have you heard “just let it go”? Meaning just let go of the cycle of beating yourself up over something that is no longer happening in this moment. Our sense of self esteem, pride or dignity tends to create a story that repeats itself over and over again with what ifs and should haves and could haves. The just letting “it” go, would mean accepting situations as life experiences and grow from that awareness.

We are human beings meant to live a full life of experiences which are to be achieved with ease or with challenges. The degree of success depends on numerous things. With the conditioning from an early age, the lifestyle of a child can still influence an adult in present day as to how they now base their choices in decision making. More importantly it is how people live with created choices and their body’s responses to them that are shown in the body structure.

Emotions are energy in motion. The dramas of tears or anger are the body’s’ way of expressing itself in displeasure. When these feelings are ignored, the body will then develop a defense mechanism to protect itself from enduring a similar experience. The mind may say to itself that “it doesn’t matter”, whatever “it” is, yet the body still holds those unresolved expressions of hurt, disappointment or remorse to name a few of the negative feelings held in the flesh.

To understand yourself takes the awareness of your responsibility for your own life. The key word is to respond. Pay attention to the way you feel in any given experience. If you are aware of how your body is responding to a thought or action then you could apply a more conducive reaction to a perceived negative situation.

Basically how long do you want to carry and live with an old, nagging reaction to something that happened in your past? Even if that past is five minutes ago, to value your life and the quality of your well being, choose to live with inner peace by accepting what is and what was is released. The emotions will allow the normal go with the flow attitude to return yet the memory of the story will remain in the brain as just a story of an experience.

To finalize, pain is trapped emotions waiting to be expressed. Through the communication of expressed feelings, all emotions are processed. To release them now is to stop feeding the addiction to the thoughts held through the body mind connection. Be kind to yourself as you learn and grow to love yourself.

Being human is an amazing experience of self growth.

As a Lifestyle Consultant, I have studied with the founder of the Australasian Institute of Psychosomatic Therapy, Hermann Muller and the North America representative, Carole M.Friesen of Core Potentials to embody this education.

It is through extensive practical experience that I am now able to evaluate and enlighten a person to learn more about their true potential and soul purpose. More importantly, this service is to promote self awareness, responsibility and self healing.

It is exciting to be able to reclaim a healthier lifestyle when you understand your blueprint and quality of life you have been living. To be recognized more completely from your own perspective is a gift only you can gift yourself.

Through a personal session or by attending the workshops you can become the master of your own identity. Experiencing life from a clearer perspective may make all the difference in your world.

Can You Hear Me Now

By Cynthia M.Jones
How often do you think or feel you are misunderstood and that your words fall on deaf ears? Do you feel that your most profound statements have been wasted with people who don’t pay attention to your words or body language?

Regardless of who says what, the person who benefits the most in life is the person who listens for the deeper message and embodies it. Truly it is through our interactions with people that we find balance in our beliefs concerning our Self, our environment and our lifestyle.

Can you hear me now is about listening to the finer communication of how our body talks to our mind. Thinking and feeling, acting and reacting, positive and negative are some tools that the human body uses to understand its communication with itself and others.

How many people are living with the belief of “mind over matter”? In fact, the mind is a very powerful tool that guides some amazing tasks within our body. When some actions are physically too much for the body, the nerves communicate back to the brain to stop. It is with emotion that the response will influence whether we stop or not. With reasoning, our mind will evaluate the desired outcome and proceed. As an example, if certain organs, muscles, nerves or ligaments continue to be over burdened and the messages are ignored, it is with self preservation; human nature will protect itself from the minds’ ignorance and create protective barriers.

With awareness of the Body Mind relationship a healthy balanced lifestyle can be achieved. As you choose to listen carefully to responses received, an additional sense of clarity to this working inner relationship of yourself can be seen in body structure and personal attitude. Old limitations and beliefs can be shed simply by this awareness.

The ability to express ourselves and receive external information is funneled through a specific nervous system called Chakras. There are seven main chakra sites located along the spinal cord all independently interrelated to do very specific jobs. When a person acts or reacts to certain situations, the electrical components of the nervous system will respond accordingly. As humans, we have free will and free choice to allow certain aspects of communication to affect our lifestyle. Yet with that choice, the law of cause and effect will follow. Evidence of habitual choices will show in the physically of the body and can be interpreted by understanding people as a visual expression of their personality.

Can you hear me now again is the body’s reaction to the mind’s choice. What have you agreed to experience and more importantly are you willing to repeat those same experiences over and over again without learning the lesson. The awareness of listening to the finer network of a body mind can reveal inner wisdom held in bone structure and the attained knowledge held in personality.

Listening to the Body Mind and appreciating the Spirit of the soul, together can bring about a relationship to our Selves beyond our wildest dreams.

A Shared Path of the Body Mind Connection

By Cynthia M.Jones
Who amongst us has questioned the validity of our lives? Who has questioned why we are here and what our purpose is? And Who gets to make those choices a reality?

The WHO is you.

We are here to experience life as a spirit living in a human body. “So what?” and “For what purpose?” could be asked.

Many of us go on living life day to day to experience the pleasures and struggles of just making ends meet. And what are those ends we are meeting? It is truly comical all the questions the human mind could ask and yet who answers them.

Many people share a vision of enlightenment and evolution. As people become aware of a deeper level of themselves, a sensory connection to a bigger picture grows. It is that union I refer to now as the Body Mind connection.

The Body Mind Connection

There are many paths to enlightenment or to a healthy quality of life. There are also many tools to get you there. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually have the road map, the directions to get you there and more importantly what you were meant to experience along the way? To list, there are books, DVDs, CDs, manufactured equipment, natural gifts as well as medical and public speakers of various degrees, all sharing their version of the right path to pursue. The reality is you are born with a set of blueprints and instructions.

It is the awareness of our journey and the distractions along the way that tend to confuse people. A common statement is “who am I and what is my purpose in life”. It is to evolve, live and to appreciate the opportunity to be here. Each breath is a sacred moment in time that has no past or future. How connected are you to that precious life force?

The life force that flows through the human body can be influenced by the relationships that we have with ourselves as well as the outside world. As we inter-relate with life a tell-tale picture is created in the human form.

The Body Mind has the created blueprint from birth; it is the fleshing out that is the expression of our personality. Wow and who can decipher what the flesh has to say? We all do it and we do it naturally. Think of it. How many times have you recognized a person that you haven’t seen in years? A little older, a few pounds heaver, yet you still remember them.

It is in the experience of being with them and sharing a moment that anchors their essence to your memory. Good or bad, the reality of your experiences are shown in your flesh. To be approachable or avoided can be gauged in a glance. Without words, warnings can be perceived by gestures or body language. To measure how often these actions are carried through creates evidence of an individual lifestyle and personality. Profilers, car salesmen, gamblers, Lifestyle Consultants to name a few, are professionals who use “reading” a person as a part of their livelihood. It is here your blueprint and personality becomes evidence that some people could unconsciously or consciously use for personal gain.

The personal gain that I am referring to is you understanding yourself to a higher degree. As a Lifestyle Consultant, I have studied with the founder of the Australasian Institute of Psychosomatic Therapy, Hermann Muller and the North America representative, Carole M.Friesen of Core Potentials.

It is through extensive practical experience that I am able to evaluate and enlighten a person to learn more about their true potential and soul purpose. More importantly, this service is to promote self awareness, responsibility and self healing.

It is exciting to be able to reclaim a healthier lifestyle when you understand your blueprint and quality of life you have been living. Through a personal session or by attending the workshops you become the master of your own identity.

Experiencing life from a clearer perspective may make all the difference in your world.

Bridging the Gap

By Cynthia M.Jones
Times are changing and our medical system is over-burdened with health issues that seem to leave both the patient and the health practitioner somewhat frustrated and confused. It is time for us to be more self-aware, self-reliant and more responsible for our own health and well-being

The reasons for our overall physical, emotional and mental conditions are becoming more available and accepted through the Natural Therapies Industry. I would like to share this opportunity to enlighten you about Psychosomatic Therapy Lifestyle Consultation.

Psychosomatic is a big word with an age old stigma attached to it. In days past, the word “Psycho” was perceived to be that you were crazy and that your problems were all in your head. ‘Psycho’, has the root word meaning ‘mind’ and ‘Soma’, meaning is ‘body’. Psychosomatic is the relationship of awareness that blends what our mind believes as a condition of our body and the reaction our body has to that belief. Science based information teaches us how both our mind and our body are co-dependent on each other for the human body’s overall condition and survival.

Emotions are energy in motion. The path the energy follows within the human body is embodied through the nerve network and held in muscle mass. Simply put, “What the mind deals, the body feels”. Ultimately the body reveals how our emotions exist within our body and the conditions of that environment. Body aches, discomfort and diseases are ways the unconscious mind uses the body’s nerves to bring awareness back to the conscious mind.

I teach classes on Psychosomatic Therapy and Body/Mind Analysis as an introduction towards self growth and personal wellness. Please check my website for more details, location and dates.

The awareness of your body/mind relationship is the greatest gift you can give yourself in mastering your own life creating not only peace within yourself but influencing the world you live in.