Alternative Living

By Cynthia M.Jones
Alternative health…what does this statement mean to you?

Within the world, there are so many different methods of creating a path that will most likely make an alternative difference in the quality your life. The bottom line is your choice. Who really wants to do all the work of exercise and balanced eating? Truly, it is time consuming and if you could have the answer for a better life by just taking a pill, most people would jump at the chance.

Dream on… pills and vitamins work on the biological tissue of your body. Yes, if you feel that a pill can change your attitude or perception of a real medical situation then yes go ahead take them, just realize that the negative issue that caused the discomfort in the first place are most likely still trapped within the emotional flesh of your body. The negative pain of unresolved feelings is rooted in the neurological nerves established in the moment of an experience. Simply put, positive feelings go with the flow whereas an attachment to negative feelings require some form of resolution based on past experiences, beliefs and values before the energy held can move on.

So how many times have you heard “just let it go”? Meaning just let go of the cycle of beating yourself up over something that is no longer happening in this moment. Our sense of self esteem, pride or dignity tends to create a story that repeats itself over and over again with what ifs and should haves and could haves. The just letting “it” go, would mean accepting situations as life experiences and grow from that awareness.

We are human beings meant to live a full life of experiences which are to be achieved with ease or with challenges. The degree of success depends on numerous things. With the conditioning from an early age, the lifestyle of a child can still influence an adult in present day as to how they now base their choices in decision making. More importantly it is how people live with created choices and their body’s responses to them that are shown in the body structure.

Emotions are energy in motion. The dramas of tears or anger are the body’s’ way of expressing itself in displeasure. When these feelings are ignored, the body will then develop a defense mechanism to protect itself from enduring a similar experience. The mind may say to itself that “it doesn’t matter”, whatever “it” is, yet the body still holds those unresolved expressions of hurt, disappointment or remorse to name a few of the negative feelings held in the flesh.

To understand yourself takes the awareness of your responsibility for your own life. The key word is to respond. Pay attention to the way you feel in any given experience. If you are aware of how your body is responding to a thought or action then you could apply a more conducive reaction to a perceived negative situation.

Basically how long do you want to carry and live with an old, nagging reaction to something that happened in your past? Even if that past is five minutes ago, to value your life and the quality of your well being, choose to live with inner peace by accepting what is and what was is released. The emotions will allow the normal go with the flow attitude to return yet the memory of the story will remain in the brain as just a story of an experience.

To finalize, pain is trapped emotions waiting to be expressed. Through the communication of expressed feelings, all emotions are processed. To release them now is to stop feeding the addiction to the thoughts held through the body mind connection. Be kind to yourself as you learn and grow to love yourself.

Being human is an amazing experience of self growth.

As a Lifestyle Consultant, I have studied with the founder of the Australasian Institute of Psychosomatic Therapy, Hermann Muller and the North America representative, Carole M.Friesen of Core Potentials to embody this education.

It is through extensive practical experience that I am now able to evaluate and enlighten a person to learn more about their true potential and soul purpose. More importantly, this service is to promote self awareness, responsibility and self healing.

It is exciting to be able to reclaim a healthier lifestyle when you understand your blueprint and quality of life you have been living. To be recognized more completely from your own perspective is a gift only you can gift yourself.

Through a personal session or by attending the workshops you can become the master of your own identity. Experiencing life from a clearer perspective may make all the difference in your world.