About Me

Hi, my name is Cynthia M.Jones and this page is about me and how I got to this point in my life. I assume that since you are visiting my site, you have some concept of the passion I feel for what I do.


I am really excited to share my new awareness of personal wellness with you!

I am a Certified Teacher of Psychosomatic Therapy Lifestyle Consultations. Wow, what a big heading – even for me! Really, I am an average person with a strong desire to follow my heart and to make a contribution to the world.

I have been a wife and a stay-at-home mom for over 20 years. My main interest during that time was of course, my family. My outside interests included serving my community in a variety of different ways. Over the years, I have come to realize that there really isn’t much difference between the role of homemaker to my family and the new role of ‘HOMEMAKER’ for myself. I made a choice to learn about my life and the shape I was in when I agreed to take the classes of the Magic of the BodyMind Communication. These classes were taught by the founder, Hermann Muller of the Australasian Institute of Psychosomatic Therapy and BodyMind Therapy, as well as the North American Director, Carole M.Friesen.

Naive to the language and concepts, I became an eager student. The results of my dedication would eventually change my life. It was time for me to recognize the relationship of my whole package – my body, mind and soul.

With the years of loving and catering to my children’s needs and the needs of others, attention to my own well being had been neglected. I found out the hard way that there were repercussions to all that giving of myself. Although well intended, my obsessive mind pushed my body until my body gave up.

With a medical problem that had the possible diagnosis of the neurological disease Multiple Sclerosis, I got really scared. Seriously scared!! I won’t say how far the depths of my grief went, but that fear took me to a dark place where I will never go again.

You may ask what happened. After some tears and self talk, I took a deep breath and I looked at my life from a different perspective. I chose to be in charge of my life and to live!

After a multitude of medical tests and the possibility of waiting years for a definitive diagnosis, I decided to make some changes. I decided that I would take some responsibility for my own cure. I set off on a mission to find a ‘Human Electrician’. Did you notice the word ‘cure’? Whatever damage I foolishly brought upon myself, I prayed that I could make it right.

I did make it right. I rested, relaxed and mentally made time for ‘just me’.

With the combined efforts of relaxed yoga, walking, meditations, massage therapy and network spinal therapy, my body and mind responded. With this new positive attitude, self- awareness, understanding and patience, I am exactly where I am supposed to be as a healthy human being.

During this journey I discovered that I have a calling to share what information I have learned with other people. I am now encouraging and teaching people to learn how to enrich and empower themselves.

It is my understanding that there is an equal three-way relationship between our body, mind and soul. I feel the animated portion of our existence is more than the body’s biological pumping of blood, moving muscles and control of the mind. Further, the soul is more than a tiny part of the physical body housed in the heart. And lastly, I feel the mind is the master generator which propels the body to make sense of the living conditions it is in and to live according to its perceptions. We are living spirits inside human bodies with a mind to connect the two.

I offer a service to learn and understand the mechanics of how this beautiful relationship of Spirit, Mind and Body all relate to each other.

Please note that I tend to teach with personal reflections that make the concept much simpler to understand. By no means do I undervalue the scientific, religious and scholastic systems. I choose to teach by integrating them all together with a general view that we are complex and simple beings existing to experience life the best way we can.

With my passion, intuition and experiences, I now proudly move forward with this business of WE-ALL-COME HOME.