A Shared Path of the Body Mind Connection

By Cynthia M.Jones
Who amongst us has questioned the validity of our lives? Who has questioned why we are here and what our purpose is? And Who gets to make those choices a reality?

The WHO is you.

We are here to experience life as a spirit living in a human body. “So what?” and “For what purpose?” could be asked.

Many of us go on living life day to day to experience the pleasures and struggles of just making ends meet. And what are those ends we are meeting? It is truly comical all the questions the human mind could ask and yet who answers them.

Many people share a vision of enlightenment and evolution. As people become aware of a deeper level of themselves, a sensory connection to a bigger picture grows. It is that union I refer to now as the Body Mind connection.

The Body Mind Connection

There are many paths to enlightenment or to a healthy quality of life. There are also many tools to get you there. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually have the road map, the directions to get you there and more importantly what you were meant to experience along the way? To list, there are books, DVDs, CDs, manufactured equipment, natural gifts as well as medical and public speakers of various degrees, all sharing their version of the right path to pursue. The reality is you are born with a set of blueprints and instructions.

It is the awareness of our journey and the distractions along the way that tend to confuse people. A common statement is “who am I and what is my purpose in life”. It is to evolve, live and to appreciate the opportunity to be here. Each breath is a sacred moment in time that has no past or future. How connected are you to that precious life force?

The life force that flows through the human body can be influenced by the relationships that we have with ourselves as well as the outside world. As we inter-relate with life a tell-tale picture is created in the human form.

The Body Mind has the created blueprint from birth; it is the fleshing out that is the expression of our personality. Wow and who can decipher what the flesh has to say? We all do it and we do it naturally. Think of it. How many times have you recognized a person that you haven’t seen in years? A little older, a few pounds heaver, yet you still remember them.

It is in the experience of being with them and sharing a moment that anchors their essence to your memory. Good or bad, the reality of your experiences are shown in your flesh. To be approachable or avoided can be gauged in a glance. Without words, warnings can be perceived by gestures or body language. To measure how often these actions are carried through creates evidence of an individual lifestyle and personality. Profilers, car salesmen, gamblers, Lifestyle Consultants to name a few, are professionals who use “reading” a person as a part of their livelihood. It is here your blueprint and personality becomes evidence that some people could unconsciously or consciously use for personal gain.

The personal gain that I am referring to is you understanding yourself to a higher degree. As a Lifestyle Consultant, I have studied with the founder of the Australasian Institute of Psychosomatic Therapy, Hermann Muller and the North America representative, Carole M.Friesen of Core Potentials.

It is through extensive practical experience that I am able to evaluate and enlighten a person to learn more about their true potential and soul purpose. More importantly, this service is to promote self awareness, responsibility and self healing.

It is exciting to be able to reclaim a healthier lifestyle when you understand your blueprint and quality of life you have been living. Through a personal session or by attending the workshops you become the master of your own identity.

Experiencing life from a clearer perspective may make all the difference in your world.