Hi, my name is Cynthia M.Jones.

It is my intent to create and maintain this website as a location for information, inspiration and direction towards the ultimate goal of “coming home”.

“Coming Home” is a current catch phrase meaning that a person living in the moment realizes that there is more to living then ‘putting in time’. A pleasurable, healthy lifestyle can be yours with a shift in awareness towards the relationship of your body, mind and spirit. I am learning that when we all ‘come home’, it encompasses our conscious understanding to accept a conditional contract to live.

You may think that this is impossible. What conditions would I have to accept?

Within the pages of this site you will find various informative articles, opportunities to attend classes and workshops along with links to products and colleges that I believe share a similar goal.

This is an amazing time in our lives. The Natural Therapies Industry is gaining more footing as the health science of the future. The reality is, as much as medical doctors are very much a necessity for the overall mechanics of physical body, understanding the relationship of how your entire body inter-relates is a personal gift. It is a ‘Gift’ of understanding the real you. You are the person-in- reality with a longing to shine as the individual soul of perfection that you are! You are in the right place at the right time to experience exactly what you are meant to experience.


Let’s get started…enjoy the site.   If you wish, Please leave a comment.

Thank you, Cynthia